Our Approach Is Different And It Gets Results.

Sales Chatz offers powerful advertising software solutions that make multi-unit brand advertising faster, easier, and more effective.

Machine + Data

We collaborate with AI by combining hundreds of variables of our intellectual property, data, and human knowledge to design better predictive models that will improve ROI of every advertising campaign.

Growth AI Technology Platform

Our aiADZ digital platform improves the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through self-learning, and smarter intelligence that will help you automate ad creation, audience targeting, and reporting. We have eliminated tasks associated with human intelligence and replaced them with AI so you can scale your campaigns.

We Know Multi-Unit Marketing

We’re more than ADTech. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve run hundreds and hundreds of digital ad campaigns for well-known brands and start-ups. As new digital technologies have been developed, we learned how to use them to their fullest advantage by combining our proprietary data models and AI to help us learn what works and what doesn’t.