Stop Chasing Leads.
Start Building Relationships.

Stop Chasing

Sales Chatz Creates Engagement Opportunities for You.

Our clients include well-known, established brands alongside emerging brands. We offer each the same strategy and value-driven approach. This is the beginning of a long-lasting business relationship.

Tijuana Flats®

Our web app is used to conduct live chatz and allows for scheduled appointments with sales prospects who want to learn how to invest in this iconic brand.


Our web app is used by the sales team of FranLift to conduct live chatz and schedule appointments with sales prospects who want to learn how to invest in the various brands represented by this Franchise Sales Operator.


I Heart Mac and Cheese®

The Sales Chatz web app delivers qualified sales opportunities to I Heart Mac and Cheese. We transformed their engagement approach by scheduling appointments with multi-unit restaurant operators to accelerate the growth of this brand.

The Drunken Crab®

We integrated the Sales Chatz application into the franchise sales development system for Drunken Crab. Live chatz enables this emerging brand to accelerate engagement with their target market, resulting in them meeting their sales goals.


Our Strategy is Built to Increase
Top-of-Funnel Engagements.
This Also Drives More
Bottom-of-Funnel Engagements.


The Web App

We deliver leads that are more engaged and qualified:

  • We’ve replaced auto-filled forms with an engaging dialog.
  • Prospects disqualify themselves, so you don’t have to.
  • Serious candidates can schedule calls in seconds.
  • You can chat with prospects instantly on our web app while they are still engaged.
The Audience

The Audience

Sales Chatz delivers the prospects you want to talk to:

  • Our proprietary, first-party data list targets prospects interested in franchising.
  • Facebook’s algorithm finds prospects that “look like” our list.
  • Your ads are shown to the most likely candidates.
The Advertising

The Advertising Co-op

Our Facebook platform increases the power of your budget:

  • Facebook applies the learning from multiple campaigns to your ads.
  • You can test our system while running your current marketing campaigns.
  • You benefit from higher qualified leads and a lower CPL.

How Does Sales Chatz Work?
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We Believe We Succeed When Our
Clients Succeed.
Some Happy Sales Chatzers.
There Are Many More.

Christine Elam

“Thank you for integrating the Sales Chatz process into our franchise development strategy. We have more than met our sales objectives since launch.”

Christine Elam
Director of Sales Development
Tijuana Flats

Michael Pollock

“My entire sales team uses Sales Chatz! What we love about it is that it removes one of our biggest challenges – getting prospects on the telephone. The result is we are engaging more prospects, building our pipeline, and closing faster.”

Michael Pollock
CEO, FranLift

Tom Parks

“Since we started using Sales Chatz, our scheduled sales appointments have grown eight-fold! And the prospects are much more serious about engaging and investing in our brands.”

Tom Parks
CEO, Premier Franchise Solutions

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