Three Things To Do Right Now To Get New Customers In A Cookie-Less World


On June 24, 2021, Google announced its updated timeline that delays the previously announced plans to phase out third-party cookies in 2022. Google’s new timeline outlines a phase out on its Chrome browser in 2023. Despite this delayed timeline, other browsers like Safari and Firefox have already initiated select default blocking against third-party tracking cookies. This emphasizes how important it is to start your plan now so you are ready when third-party cookies are also removed in full from Chrome and all other browsers.

When change occurs, it’s easy to focus on what you have lost. However, we at Sales Chatz encourage you to focus on what you may still have or what you may still do. You could be sitting on a wealth of first-party data that customers have agreed to share with you. And if you aren’t in that fortunate position, we encourage you to begin now to consider how you will generate new customers without cookies.

Here are three ways to help you get new customers without cookies. Think of this as an initial plan that will help you set your business up for success in a cookie-less world.

1. Audit how you are currently using cookies

In order to prepare for and thrive in a cookie-less marketing world, start with auditing how you use cookies now. Study how cookies are used in your current digital strategy and if they are necessary. What is your retargeting strategy? You should seek to have a full understanding regarding how you collect data now and how the loss of retargeting will affect how you collect data moving forward.

2. Focus on first-party data

Since you can’t borrow data from Facebook and Google, you need to own it. In most cases you already do or you are working with a media agency that can gather it for you. So, what does this mean for advertisers? Here’s what it means:

Focus your marketing efforts on capturing more data from your current customers. Try to acquire e-mail addresses with their consent.

3. Rethink your data sources

Third-party data will help you better understand your target market, their interests, demographics, etc. More traditional data collection like surveys will help you better predict audience behavior from samples.

The changes from a cookie-less world can be challenging. This blog will help you with determining the best approach to defining your customers’ identity and how to use first-party data to grow your revenue.